Programming made easy for seniors: SilverCoders releases new and innovative resources for building coding skills among 55+ adults.

Coding has been recognized by the EU as one of the new transversal skills, a language that reinforces and multiplies the effectiveness of specialized abilities.

While many seniors recognize the need for active ageing, most choose to do it by pursuing physical activities. However, it is equally important to being involved in mentally stimulating activities. It has been proven, indeed, that the development of digital skills is, for older adults, not only a chance for those willing to shift into a career, but a way to keep the mind active and therefore, stimulate cognitive skills, reinforce creativity, attention, working memory and language processing.

SilverCoders went over some criteria to help choose among programming language options, aspiring to drive people into coding though a learning framework based on challenges and “half baked” scenarios encouraging to finish partially completed solutions by building blocks of code. Our methodology broke down complex concepts into simple terms.

After and intense piloting phase, the project is approaching its final stage giving free access to a set of resources designed to facilitate the integration of the proposed methodologies into existing adult training organizations.

In combination of the programming challenges developed in this project, additional educational resources in the form of YouTube videos and learning sheets are now online.

Videos are available with a subtitle of your national language and the learning sheets cover additional topics and tasks about digital skills and programming.

The resources are open access and can be used by anyone.

You can find the material on our website by following this link:

Adult training organizations interested in using our methodology can contact:
• Folkuniversitetet (Project coordinator) – (Sweden)
• Virtual Campus (Portugal)
• Anziani e non solo (Italy)
• University of Thessaly (Greece)
• IREA (Romania)
• Media Creativa (Spain)

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10 February, 2023
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