SilverCoders Programme for adult learners: newsletter no 2 is out!

The consortium aims at promoting the development of programming skills among 55+ adults. Over the last few months, challenges aiming at developing digital literacy and coding abilities for people over 55 years have been finalized in the context of the SilverCoders Erasmus+ Project.

Challenges are a combination of general knowledge of information technology and basic coding skills, using visual programming to develop games.

Currently, we are testing the programme with learners and trainers, soon our methodology will be available on our website and multilingual elearning platform.

To learn more, please visit the project website:

Piloting – the training for trainees in Italy

During the last phase of this project, partners have tested the developed challenges with the target group. The overall response has been positive and many have been surprised to find programming to be fun! You can read more about the piloting done in Italy below.


The SILVERCODERS training resources were piloted in Italy in October 2022.

28 students over the age of 55 were divided in two different groups and involved in our programme aimed at developing their digital skills, through a set of tailor-made challenges. For each group, we collected feedback through the submission of the evaluation questionnaire, as well as through an observation grid which was filled in by co-trainers.

As shown by the collected evaluation and the observation results, the training resources were well received and valued usable by the trainers with minor adaptations. Generally speaking, participants appreciated the proposed practical activities, though which they could implement their knowledge and acquired new skills.

On the 20th of January, ANS has scheduled a new training on coding, this will allow a more detailed collection of feedback on the whole training programme.

Next steps

SilverCoders is approaching its final phase and is coming to an end after 24 months of implementation.  Involved partners are working on additional educational resources , such as educational videos and extra material, as well as the training for trainers platform that will be soon made available in English, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Swedish.

Newsletter no 2 – January 2023 is available in: