This output concerns the implementation and validation activities to ensure that the proposed framework meets the needs of the identified target groups in terms of relevance to learning needs, acceptance, usability, and effectiveness. These high level objectives will be pursued through ongoing internal and external validation that starts early on in the project implementation period and engages representatives of project stakeholders. The evaluation will start early and will be on-going throughout the output implementation period. The continuous nature of the evaluation will ensure that the input of stakeholder representatives will be taken into account during the design and implementation process of the proposed tools and methodologies thus ensuring that the final result addresses real educational needs in terms of building programming skills among adults.

The SILVERCODERS training objectives are:
1. enable 55+ adults to apply the newly developed programming knowledge in wider learning contexts;
2. build transversal competencies related to programming, such as analytical and critical thinking;
3. foster positive attitudes towards digital technology among adults;
4. develop creative abilities that could be used in occupations such as web designer, game designer, media production, social media analysis, etc.