The aim of the SILVERCODERS (Digital Literacy Improvement Through Effective Learning experiences for Adults) project is  to reinforce the coding abilities of 55+ adults through the following outputs:

1. A methodological learning framework  for building coding skills among 55+ adults based on a “low entry high ceiling approach” that has low knowledge requirements in the beginning and more complex problem-solving challenges for more advanced learners. Learners will then be exposed to “half baked” scenarios and encouraged to finish partially completed solutions by building blocks of code;

2. A proof-of-concept pilot test for building programming skills among 55+ adults;

3. Instructional support content in the form of best practice videos, video-lectures and user guides that will facilitate the integration of the proposed methodologies into existing adult training organizations. It will also include validation and certification approaches for European frameworks. As an example, the project will adopt an Open Badge framework for the recognition of skills and competences either of the trainers or the adults themselves.

The project will also constitute a pool of experts/trainers with specific competences and expertise to work as a support community.