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What will SILVERCODERS do?

Silvercoders project brings together a strategic partnership of 6 European organisations from 6 Erasmus+ countries namely Sweden, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain and Greece to promote the development of digital skills among older adults, and support this age group (one of the most affected), with a set of tools to make it more adaptable, resilient, and capable of surviving and thriving in the current situation and also in possible future challenges.

The partnership will work together to produce:

  • A methodological learning framework for building coding skills in adults over 55, based on a “low entry high ceiling approach”, with low knowledge requirements at the beginning and more complex problem-solving challenges for more advanced learners.
  • A proof-of-concept pilot test for building coding skills in adults over 55;
  • Instructional support content in the form of best practice videos, video-lectures and user guides that will facilitate the integration of the proposed methodologies into existing adult training organisations.

Next steps

The consortium will now move on towards the second output, which is about promoting the development of programming skills among 55+ adults. This output concerns the implementation and validation activities to ensure that the proposed Output 1 – framework meets the needs of the identified target groups in terms of relevance to learning needs, acceptance, usability, and effectiveness.

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