• SilverCoders learning programme

    The SILVERCODERS (Developing the Creativity of Older Adults through Coding) project intends to develop trainers and adult learners’ digital and creative abilities by engaging institutions and organisations in formal, informal, and non-formal education for adults with companies from the creative sector. Doing so intends to provide adults with the necessary tools and competencies to develop creative and innovative solutions to face new risks and challenges, both in personal, educational and professional contexts. This can be important in all sectors of activity, but even more, in the creative and cultural sectors, which could benefit from becoming more digital and modern because this renovation would contribute to making the sector (one of the most hardest-hit ones by the pandemic) more adaptable, resilient, and able to survive and prosper in the current situation.

Cursos disponibles

Make coding easy for adult learners. The SilverCoders programme for trainers.

This eCourse collects the materials developed for trainers to implement the SilverCoders Programme for adult trainers.

Programmazione di base per gli over 55. Il metodo SilverCoders per i formatori

Literacia digital e programação básica para maiores de 55. O método SilverCoders para formadores.

Programación básica para mayores de 55. El método SilverCoders para formadores
Este curso electrónico recopila los materiales desarrollados para que los formadores apliquen el Programa SilverCoders para formadores de adultos.

Βασικός προγραμματισμός για άνω των 55. Η μέθοδος SilverCoders για εκπαιδευτές

Programare de bază pentru peste 55. Metoda SilverCoders pentru formatori

Grundläggande programmering för över 55. SilverCoders-metoden för tränare